What New Things Are We Learning About Heart Disease?

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Currently we know several risk factors for heart disease, but there are still some unanswered questions about risk, we're still doing research about let's see effects of testosterone on heart disease. Does low testosterone in men increase their risk of heart disease which we are finding it does, number two what about air pollution?

Inhaled particulate matter. So people who are affected by ground zero inhaled lots of pollution, at a very high dose, and are having subsequent results in the alarms, and actually we're looking at the effects on their heart, and translating that to the effective air pollution on all of us. So on one hand we would be longing to be better at finding all the risks that can cause heart attacks and heart disease, and number two actually, we are coming up with better procedures that don't require open heart surgery.

There are more procedures we can do with minimally invasive techniques such as taking a new valve and putting it through an artery through the leg and spreading it up to the heart. And I think the future will be using more technology to do mass invasive surgeries but still have very put outcomes.