What Medications Can Reduce My Risk of Heart Attack?

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There's three types of medications you need. One is you need to take aspirin. We know that low strength aspirin 81 milligrams prevents heart attacks in men aged 50 and above. We know that it prevents heart attacks and strokes in women aged 65 and above. Women who are between the ages of 45 and 65, it may prevent strokes but in that age group, we look at each individual patient for their risk.

Then we talked about cholesterol medication. We know now that the statin medications, not only lower the cholesterol in your blood, but they have an effect on the plaque. So they have this clear tropic effect where they can make that plaque, less likely to rupture and cause the heart attack, so even if your cholesterol level is normal, but your doctor says you have a blocked artery, you should be on a cholesterol medication and then thirdly, a medication to reduce the work of the heart.

So we talk about data blockers, they're drugs that slow the heart and lower the blood pressure, they basically block the effect of adrenaline on the heart. So the heart becomes a more efficient machine.