What Food Should I Avoid if I Have Heart Disease?

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When we talk about diet, three important things, one fat, two sugar, three salt. So fat mostly important we know that in certain cities we got rid of the trans-fat in the menus. It's very important to look at the food labels. Everyone should learn how to read a food label, look at the cholesterol intake there, and look at the fat intake.

Number two is the sugar. Right, so avoidance of anything that is made of white flour and molten white sugar is actually healthier. And then we look about salt, there's a lot of controversy about salt. Salt is not all bad, but in most people, it can cause the blood pressure to go up, and it can cause fluid retention.

Some people are thin, they don't have high blood pressure the can eat salt right, so it's all that balance. You want to have a good balance of everything in your diet.