What Are Surprising Causes of Heart Disease?

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Most of us know that unhealthy diet and being over weight can contribute to heart disease. Hi, I'm Dr. Oz. There are other factors that can take a toll in your heart and some may surprise you. One is unhappy relationships, it could be a chilly marriage or to fall into that with friends like these who needs enemies category, either way stressful relationships zoom up part of disease risk by 25%.

Another culprit is suddenly stopping baby asprin, this can triple your odds for trouble causing blood clots in just 10 days. Talk to your doctor before you ditch these tiny pills. Inflammatory diseases like in rheumatoid arthritis add plaque to you odd ways increasing your heart disease risk by up to 80%, that's why it's important to get serious about keeping your blood pressure LDL cholesterol, and inflammation levels down.

Finally don't skip vacation. Taking regular time off, even if it's say stay-cation, can cut your heart attack odds by almost a third. Unwind a little and your heart will love you for it. I'm Dr. Oz, check out all of our smart tips for more great ways to stay heart healthy.