What Are Natural Treatments for Heart Disease?

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Well there are a lot of natural treatments for heart disease. Heart disease is a very big topic obviously that encompasses a whole bunch of conditions. When I think about heart disease in general I guess the main thing I think about is inflammation that occurs in the blood vessel walls. So when there's a lot of inflammation that's when the arteries, whether it's the coronary arteries around the heart or maybe the peripheral arteries that are in the legs or the arms, can get all blocked up and cause problems.

When the coronary arteries are all blocked up it will cause heart disease directly. So when I think about trying to lower inflammation in the body, I would like to think about the things that contribute to inflammation. So eating the right foods is very, very important, eating very, very healthy foods that lower inflammation.

So things like good essential fatty acids and fish and shisha oil can be very, very useful. I also think about things that can protect the heart. I think about magnesium which is important for the heart, there's an amino acid called L-carnitine which is fantastic for keeping the energy of the heart muscles up even in damaged hearts similarly Coq10 or Ubiquinol which is a special type of Coq10 is very very good for the heart and then also there is something called D-Ribose which is also very good for feeding the mitochondria which is the energy produced in the heart cells. So the things I like to do to see the heart, keep it healthy and then work on the inflammation and the vessels to lower that as well.