Relax & Reduce Stress to Prevent a Heart Attack

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden here with a tip to help you prevent a heart attack. Use your head, practicing relaxation techniques has huge benefits especially for heart attack survivors who want to avoid a second one people who practiced relaxing had 45% fewer second heart attacks over the next eight years, compared with a similar group that didn't learn how to chill out.

Simply put the more you relax, the happier your heart is. What makes relaxation good medicine? Well it protects your arteries from high blood pressure, it makes it easier for you to exercise and eat healthfully, try these to reduce stress. Monitor your own stress levels, so you know when tension is rising before you blow your stack, then diffuse stress, deep breathing or conscious muscle relaxation.

Rewrite anxiety provoking thoughts instead of that cashier is so slow I can scream, say to yourself I can handle this long line. Try guided imagery instead of focusing on the grocery line imagine yourself sitting on a warm beach. I'm Dr. Kevin Soden, for more tricks to manage stress and stay healthy watch all our smart tips.