How Can Someone Get Support to Manage Heart Disease?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Darria Long Gillespie here with a simple tip to help you manage heart disease. Go online, if your health care provider offers an internet based heart treatment program, sign up, a recent study from the Netherlands found that a web based support program is an effective low cost way for heart disease and in patients to reduce their heart attack and mortality risk. The online program included a personalized website, email communication with the nurse practitioner, self management support, and medication monitoring. After a year patients using the program improved their body mass index, blood pressure and kidney function. Some who smoked even picked the habit, now an online program won't replace your doctor's care, but it can help support your efforts to manage heart disease day to day, and improve your overall health.

I'm Dr. Darria, for more ways to protect your heart, watch all our smart tips right here.