Does Heart Disease Differ Between Men and Women?

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Heart disease probably effects men and women in the same biological way. However there are several differences. One is when it seems to be prevalent meaning when does it occur in men and women and we generally think that for women it happens about 10 years after it would start being coming very common in men.

One of the reasons for that is going through menopause, and we feel that being pre-menopausal or before menopause has some protection against heart disease. Not that women when they're younger are not immune to heart disease. We also think there are differences in terms of how men and women feel the pain that could be coming from a heart attack, meaning men typically may have the chest pain or the crushing feeling whereas we are beginning to know, or we've known for many years actually that women might say they have an indigestion feeling or a shortness of breath, or a tightness in your chest as opposed to that crushing chest pain.