Can Your Eyes Reveal Heart Problems?

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Hi, Dr. Oz here with a smart health tip for you. Have you ever wondered why a doctor looks at your eyes during a regular checkup? It's because your eyes can reveal the science of heart problems. As doctors, we're looking for clues and early warnings signs, but you don't have to wait for your next visit to know what's going on.

Here's what you can look for at home. First off, look for any small yellow patches around the eyes, these are cholesterol deposits and they are called xanthomas. They can indicate a serious risk of heart disease or even update of a heart attack, next watch for white rings of 100 pupils, this is called the corneal arcus and it hints that your cholesterol maybe high enough to trigger heart disease especially if you are on age 40. Finally blood vessels in your eyes that are looped have sharp bends or another color than red, a warning signs for diabetes and hypertension. If you notice any of these signs you should visit your doctor, remember early prevention is key. And for more ways to help your eyes and your heart stay healthy, watch all of our smart tips right here.