Get Fitter with Your Dog

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Hi, Dr. Miller with a smart way to get fit. Got a dog or know someone close by who does? Great, grab a leash and become a dog walker. Results of a recent survey reveal that people who have dogs and walk them are much more likely to meet government physical activity guidelines. An impressive 61% of dog owners take their puches fora walk the simple facts of having a dog that you walk regularly means you are more likely than most other folks to get the minimum recommended 150 minutes per week of exercise.

Other research suggests the dog ownership encourages the owners to live more active lives. Dog walkers tend to amp up the intensity beyond the simple walk when [xx] it all boils down to this. Dogs like humans needs regular exercise to stay happy, healthy and sane, and when we exercise them, we exercise ourselves too.

If you are not a dog person, find another good reason to get up off the couch and lace up your walking shoes, whether is to chase your blankets or walk to the store every week. Find a meaningful reason to walk so you'll do it often, for always to shape up and live better, keep watching all our smart health tips.