Tips for Staying Fit During a Holiday Break

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Hi there, I'm John Rock, one of your expert fitness professionals on Sharecare, and it's holiday health tip time. Are you wondering how to avoid falling off the fitness wagon this holiday season? Well, how about if we start by taking an honest look at the past few years, and what's gone wrong. Did you rationalize bad food choices, maybe one to many times?

Did you let your workouts fall by the way side due to a hectic schedule? Have you told yourself time and again that you'll get back on track in the new year, and find that it was really a lot harder than you thought? Or you've just given up all together, because the holidays just gets so darn hectic?

Well, just remember, you're certainly not alone, but the fact is, you simply must make fitness a priority, and only you can do that. You can control what happens, and not let the time of year take over and sabotage all the hard work you've been doing. So how do you do it? Here are my top tips for keeping your health and fitness in the forefront over the holidays.

Make time for your fitness, you know your schedule will get crazy, so be flexible and open to change. You may not do the same things you've been doing, but get whatever activity in that you can. You maybe surprised how your body responds. Get enough sleep, shoot for eight hours per night, that might not be easy, but it's super important, sleep deprivation contributes to a number of health problems.

It can affect your ability to lose weight, it can make it harder to concentrate during the day, and it can make you more susceptible to illness. Drink enough water, make a point of it, even with the eggnog flowing in the holiday party drinks, try to get eight, 8-unce glasses per day.

Keep the alcohol to a minimum, you will be glad you did, try drinking club soda, flavoured water, or even cider. Eat before you go to a party, try to have a light, healthy snack before you arrive to help curb your appetite. Have a piece of gum ready as you enter the party, and grab a club soda with the lime.

Look for veggies and make a small plate, you'll be glad you did. Find stress relievers. Yes, you are busy, but I bet you can make time once a week to add yoga, or even some meditation at home. You will be amazed what it can do to your spirit and your body. Limit the sampling and snacking, allow yourself to indulge, but set limits, like no more than a bite or two of a tempting dish.

Make this your year of opportunity, not excuses. Stay on track and keep moving forward, you're so worth it, and you can do it. Let's do it together, and we wish you a wonderful holiday season, from all of us at Sharecare.