Plan a Smart Thanksgiving Menu

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Hi, Dr. Kevin Soden here with some tips to make your thanksgiving feast a healthy one. Now I'm not suggesting you start a diet on turkey date, but a few smart choices can make this traditional feast a bit healthy. Try this strategies, start with nuts instead of noshing your way through the sour cream deep before dinner, nevel walnuts. Eating [xx] walnuts halves 30 minutes before a meal will convince your brain you're not all that hungry, eat some of everything, yes including the pumpkin pie, just take a smaller piece, and really servery it more, eat lots of turkey.

Turkey breast is super lean with just 44 calories, 1 gram of fat and no saturated fat per skinless ounce, enjoy the cranberries they're powerful anti-aging fruit, but choose a lightly sweetened sauce made with fresh cranberries, and skip canned sauces which are jammed with added sugar and 170 calories per inch thick slice.

Focus on the vegetables, make the salad, asparagus and baked pearl onions the stars of your plate. I'm Dr. Kevin Soden, for more tips to eat right, watch all our health smart videos right here.