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Alright we're back, everyone's favorite can-do chef and cook Rachel Ray is here. She'll be solving your holiday cooking disasters, providing much needed assistance one of the most stressful times of the year, thank goodness she's here because I would not have been able to help at all! Now Rachel is going to show you her number one cane fill of Christmas recipes its just that everyone can make it without a problem we just I have never heard it before but ladies they work and even if you think you cannot cook like three of you and 100 of others who orders millions across the country you can make this meal this job go through Christmas bill Please download this you guys you are absolutely going to loving this it's my mum cedar beef stew and we have been having this every holiday since all winter along as far as I can remember and what's so great about a stew if it is a slow cooked meal you can't screw it up in the longer it sets the better it gets and the left overs are fantastic.

So for ES2 we live up in upstate New York, we start everything with a little bit of bacon, you omit that if we want to cut down on the animal fat. We brown a little bit of oxtail, smock house bacon, we've known this family my whole life. So we brown a little bit of bacon to start this in a little bit of olive oil, you can skip that as you like go right to low [xx] oil.

Yes. I will do that. Okay, now we start with beef chuck which is an expensiveness cut of meat, a slim but it's very slow cooking so it's perfect for stew. So you cube it up into a big bite size chunks and brown it in the bunches in the pan, don't crowd the pan, brown it in the bottom of your [xx] oven and take all the meat out, then you start adding your vegetables.

I have apples and onions already going in here, give me some carrots please.  I have been told to cut in an angle like this.  Cut in angle, yes not that thin big is just [xx] you need those [xx] you are making this very difficult.  You told me to cut I can't cut straight [xx] done already your figures under are they going to end up calling right here left [xx] you are going to lose and then big chunks on an angle, see.

 I can do it.  Just like that.  Let me coach. Alright, yes, good job. There we are, OK. Get enough. Okay.  A couple of this [xx].  That little novel you left down there that little extra fiber that's [xx] celery, he's very good at it, very strong [xx]. There we are. Now you have celery, apples, and onions in here, you let that cook in chop a little on this chop.

Now for lazy people who don't want to bother chopping the herbs, this is brilliant. Just tie them in a little bundle go and make a bouquet garnishes. You take sage, time, persley. You just tie it with kitchen strings, throw it in. I can tie that knot, that's good. Done. That's it? Baileys done. You don't have to cut it up?

You don't have to cut it up, you straw it in there, fish it out later. That's fine. Or you should throw it away? later on. You just pull it out later. You don't have to bother chopping it. Very easy, everything is chopped big, your brown meat you add this to the pot. You straw the meat back it you add cider, add the nice cloudy organic cider.

And then a little bit of beef coursemay. This is just stir that a fancy word for flavor for beef froth it has a little bit of [xx] and then you mix this together and throw it in the oven it 325 two and a half to three hours. Now what if you leave it for four hours, what happens?

It's going to get a little too far gone. You need to set a time where to take it out at two and a half, three hours, but you can't heat it over and over again on the stove top where you'd want to keep it over very low heat. If you miss the mark by half an hour it won't matter, if you miss the mark by like two hours, yes it kind of looked like dog food.

And how about the?

But I mean this is the easiest thing in the world, and you've got two and a half, three hours to play with I got it, What about the garlic? You're tempting me with this. Roasted garlic. Now one of the things that I like is to add roasted garlic to this, it's sweet and creamy and mushy. Show them how you do that, that's really cool.

You just squeeze the garlic after you roast it in the oven right out the skin, it just squishes right out. These are the strongest fingers I've ever seen. Then you add that right down into the pot. Drops your blood pressure by the way folks. Garlic is very good for you. There we are. And it's sweet and delicious.

So you throw this in the oven and then it's going to look like that guy there, take the lid off him show everybody. Look at this folks, this is it!


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