How Can I Stick to a Heart-Healthy Diet at Holiday Parties?

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I want to eat and drink and be married this season while sticking to your diet, my friend [xx] is back with his entire team, and Dan is also joining me because everyone else she loves Elvis but she also want to stay healthy this season. So, I understand that you join my transformation nation.

Yes it is. How is it going? Great, I left it over [xx]. You're a tie, you're a tie. We're proud of you. Is there one food that is most resistant this time of year? Pie. Pies. I'm a pie addict. Here's the deal. I got a guy that can help all of you survive the holidays, and I can guarantee you will not gain weight, and you maybe loose some weight which is all you ever want for [xx] anyway.

So, the first may seem a little strange to you, listen carefully, eat, but the trick is eat at the right time, and be very specific about when you eat so 15 minute rule. 15 minutes before any meal you guys have, 15 minutes will matter what you do when you go out for a party, it doesn't matter [xx] time you must put something in your mouth.

So, specifically I made some examples, this is a package of Walmart cream berries and pumpkin seeds each have all here now. If you have ahead of time something to eat in your stomach, you're not going to crave the food at the holiday season. And what about you? With me, it's the drinking makes you forget about how much you've eaten, and you start eating.

Yeah, that is true. Each to drink, you take a lot doing all these. Yes. Okay, this is the rule, very simple, I want you to treat her. I want you to drink spicy, I want you to drink dark and so let's spicy first. Clear alcohols are much better for you in terms of avoiding hangovers, is that true Elvis? Thta's what I heard yes.

What I want you to do is take that alchohal and spice it up. You can spice it up, you can add things to it yourself, you can buy flavors. They come with chilli persian basel, a Pomegranate, citrus fruit, but also will associate you, it changes it up a little bit. Yes, don't forget the rules we talked about this.

Every other, every other drink. You have to have water, he got it. And then drink. I know, he listens, he actually listens, I love it. I don't want to leave drink come on he wants the drink. I know what he wants, he saw the alcohol, and he's like this has a little bit of peppercorn paste this.

What's this? Is vodka with peppercorn? Is that what you were supposed to do? My goodness [xx] shots? I'm so embarrassed, this is why people don't invite me to their parties. All this and more, that will relax you from the last thing which is being married. Now, music from a medical perspective reduces your stress levels, and because of that reduces the blood pressure of the body which is one of the reason should be personally effective for you and guess what, we want you to listen to the music and get dancing.

They're both good for you, it keeps you active and if you have the right kind of music you'll do both. So, we have created a playlist together with Elvis, tell us about it? Yes. This is my current playlist, the stuff that makes me move. I have combined half of Elvis's, and half of mine because that's what I whatever I work out at the same music, get into a rhythm, I want you all to see it at please take them away, use them as you wish, enjoy them.

Now, we've got a challenge for both of you, especially for you. Okay. If you can stand this plan, and keep the eight and a half pounds that you've lost off, then you're going to join me in the invitation of Elvis's to come visit him on his show and spend some time with him. Are you ready? Yes I would, I'll do it.

I'll probably want to use it too at the same time so. Now, whatever you drink Now, what we are drinking, don't be shy yet, while we are drinking. This is a different kind of [xx] I've prepared for you guys. I'm giving you water from now on. But, it's a holiday season, you're obviously friends tag at it, take care of each other in the holidays.

I'm putting you guys in charge of Elvis's health take care of him, I'm taking Donna for myself. And we meet you on the [xx] ready? Meet you at the show. Absolutely!Happy Holidays folks. To everybody, we'll come back [xx] [xx].