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You're going to take parsnips again, my friend, every time I cook potatoes I add parsnips. Parsnips are cool for a bunch of reasons but we talk out stress in the holidays and you use your [xx] parsnip have got potassium in it. Potassium replaces the sodium, your blood pressure naturally drops. So if you want to keep cool in the holidays, this is the meals to make for every four potatoes I use two good sides parsnips and then you're going to add in a little bit of milk for creaminess some more of that super sharp cheddar so you've got the spicy parsnip you've got the potato the super sharp cheddar these taste very rich so delicious and then you add add in some chai this is my favorite part here and a little bit of freshly grated nutmeg these are the best mashed potatoes you ever had in your life where do you have any of these ideas from you're so smart, I'm telling you man the parsnip and the potatoe it's a game changer people will be like what did she put their that is so delicious so what did he do to that and it's just the precept thus speaking explicitly I think that salt goes up your shoulder again, you are doing this new shoulder die theory my god it's so exciting it starts under your New Year's day its Guy versus Rachel, Rachel versus Guy I don't know, but what it is it's like dancing with the stars but with food celebrities cook against each other each other.

You know we're cooking with each other team. It's a celebrity cooker was like Coolio, and lue diamond Phillips and Olympians and they cook off against each other every week to win $50000 for their charity what are you doing? You just gave it. This is one portion. I was like two plates. One portion.

You only gave me two place. What are you doing? Oh my God I took my eyes off the dish for 30 seconds. My God! 30 seconds. Dr. Oz have we ever had of portion control? playing in the syrup like you are bond. No so severe nice sider and beef and vegetables with [xx] and potatoes
This is a taste test [xx] that folks you can all make You cannot screw it up, youll love it, your family will love, you will love it and you'll make it for generations.come on up Susan.

Susan Had to overdone rose if you remember. Yes. Make this [xx] Jennifer rose, you can stay away from [xx] don't do that anymore. L
Et's see what you think you can break a little piece off the meat because it's nice and tender. See what she's going to think, It's phenomenal
You too I can't wait to make it I want you to brag to everybody who have been watching at home right now are you will to tackle this meal for the holidays today?

I'm making it this this weekend,
 Making it this weekend? Rachael, it is always a pleasure. I love you too. Having you on the show. Rachael Ray, watch her show everyday [xx] her recipes online we come back. The single most important thing you could do with your family this holiday season for your health.

You are not going to want to miss this.

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