Should We Train Doctors Differently?

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Medical education really needs to change. It's about the slowest evolving organism in the world. We have had this enormous transformation of American medicine over the last 100 years, and essentially we are still following [UNKNOWN], who was publisher support in 1910. That is not really the way that it ought to be and I think we clearly need to transform how we're training doctors in America, and I have a whole lot of recommendation, one is, we need to shorten medical school training from four years down to three years, we need to focus more training in teams, typically when you're a medical student you spend most of your clinical time in a hospital being trained in the hospital.

Well, if the vast majority of medical care is going to be out of the hospital, that somehow seems dissident with what you're the needs of the future, so in all of those rates, and I haven't mentioned many others, we're going to have to really change our educating physicians but I don't see unfortunately a real revolution happening yet.