How Would Preventative Care Lower Costs for Healthcare Providers?

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We've already seen, by the way, a pretty fantastic decline has not been well emphasized since the start of the Affordable Care Act in for example elective preterm deliveries, that is doctors doing a C-section before 39 weeks to deliver the baby for whatever reason. for now over 50%.

Now that is a huge benefit and we know that those elective preterm deliveries are not very good for baby, or mums, or familiy so I think that's the kind of situation you are going to see in the future. You're going to see a lot more attention to things like getting the parents, the mother to really worry about diet, not start trying to stop her smoking, no alcohol use, make sure that she is doing everything right and that the baby really does get all vaccines, is growing well, getting the right kind of stimulation being talked to, and I think this is going to be a very good positive sign.