How Does a Person Get All Their Health Records in One Place?

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The first place I would start is on a Blue Button Connector website, again that's And what you have to do is, go by this potential source of the data. So start, for example, with your health plan, since you're most likely to pull data from there.

And there is a simple drop down menu that lets you choose whose is my health plan? Is it United, is it Aetna, is it whomever? And you can link from that link to their website, and see what they offer in terms of Blue Button. You've then got to sign in, and then pull your data from that particular source.

So the Blue Button Connector website doesn't aggregate all this data for you, but it's like a pointer that gets you to every potential source of your data. Quite honestly if you're looking at 20 or 30 years worth of records, you may have some challenges because a lot of doctors, especially, are just getting online now.

So chances are a lot of your records are probably in paper, and they're probably, again, in a folder somewhere, in a locked cabinet. Now you still have a right to that information. If you wanna to get it, you can have it mailed to you, you can have it faxed to you, but quite honestly, it's not really easy right now.

And I think that some of the work of figuring out what health plans have my data, what pharmacies have my data, what doctors have my data. Other sources like state immunization registries that keep track of when and whether you got your tetanus shot, and all that kinda thing. Those kinds of places offer your data too.

But it is hard work for a consumer, right now, to compile all that. That is gonna be worthwhile for some people. It is for me as a caregiver. It is for a lot of people who have chronic conditions. For the average person, right now, it might be like, that's just too high a bar. Mm-hm.

But I think, what we're trying to build through the Blue Button initiative, is a world in which you would be able to set up something more like,, which is a service that lets you, automatically compile information from a lot of financial sources that have to do with your financial health, if you will, into one picture in an automatic way.

That's what we're building toward in the health sphere, and by pushing the Blue Button initiative forward. Is the whole system there yet? No, but hopefully, in I don't know, 5, 10 years, particularly, if we as consumers keep articulating that we want to see inside the manila folder.

We want to know what's going on there. We're interested in this. We're gonna get there.