How Can Technology Be Best Utilized in a New Healthcare System

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The right technology is fantastic and all of us want the right technology especially when we are sick and when we need it, what we don't want is technology that's unproven more expensive and essentially never in a process of being confirmed as really beneficial and that I think is a serious problem that has plagued the system.

We've incentivised people to use more technology in a whole series of ways and often the technology there's absolutely no proof that it's better, typically costs more. On the other hand we also have to remember that it's a healthcare system and a lot of people want care, they want care of the whole person, so the, again the integration of latest technology that's appropriate proven to be beneficial with the actual TLC, Tender Loving Care that people want and care of the whole person.

That is again going to be part of the challenge, going forward and how do you make those things work just having technology typically doesn't work with people. People have been for thousands of years, selective for interacting with people. We like to interact with people, that's who we respond to.

Someone at the other end of the telephone is not so persuasive to us and so I think establishing that human relationship where technology augments that human caring relationship that's probably going to be the way for the future.