Do You See the Affordable Care Act Evolving Over Time?

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No piece of legislation in a democracy is going to be perfect. It's just not. You have too many moving parts, you do it under speed. I think that there're a number of things in the bill that need revising my own, I have a list we could use with more competitive bidding to bring prices down, we could use with more transparency in both prices and quality.

I think we need more payment reform in the bill pushing forward. Reforming the system is not, you do it once it'll take care of itself, you're going to have to constantly tweak, the people the message chose it like the note since they passed their health care reform in 2006, they've had six major additional pieces of legislation to revise parts of it, we're going to need that going forward.

Unfortunately we have a political roadblock. Hopefully that will give way after 2016 and then we'll begin to think more constructively about how to tweak this big bill to make it better.