What Is Personalized Medicine?

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I'm very excited, really jazzed up about personalized medicine. In part, because it puts a little pressure on us as patients to recognize it is not a cookie cutter solution. Cabbage can make you fat they don't make me skinny but it also opens up a whole layer of opportunities for me to figure out exactly, where my risk factors are, where my weaknesses are.

So I don't have to have my blood test done the same way you'd get your blood test done. And I think if you look at the waste that happens in the system of health in America, the misperceptions, the mistakes that occur, they are so frequently around the fact that I gave you what works for almost everybody else, but you're one of the 20% of people who don't respond.

This is true for chemotherapy for cancer, and this is true for the surgeries that we do, it's true for the way we screen people for diseases like prostrate cancer and breast cancer. Frankly it's true for how we respond to asprin. Cuz we know they probably accord the population does not respond the way the rest do.

So every fundamental decision we make in healthcare, which we historically said, this is what we do therefore it is what we should for you, now has to be tailored with the reality that we can figure out if it will works for you. Which buys us time, reduces complications and saves you a ton of money.

That's smart medicine.