How to Have a Better Doctor Checkup

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Hi, Dr. Oz here, with a professional secret I'd like to share with you. We doctors depend on you as much as you depend on us to provide the best possible care. There is nothing we like more, than seeing a smart patient, like you walking to the exam room to get the most of your next doctors visit, use these strategies.

Make a list, start with the reason for your visit, you'll be surprised what you forget once you're in the doctor's office, describe your symptoms. What are they? How often do they occur? And when? Know what seems to be making them better or worse, and make sure the doctor knows about current and past conditions, and please bring any medications that you have or a list of them and the supplements that you are taking ask questions if your doc orders a diagnostics test ask why, if it also ask what happens if you don't do it.

Ask about potential side effects to prescriptions, or that they can interact with other medications supplements or certain foods. Don't hesitate to ask if there's a cheaper generic version that is just as good, inform patients, keep us on our toes and you in peak health. Watch for more smart health tips right here.