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Rushing around your kids' rooms and your room feeding out hamper after hamper. Finally, that basket is full. You're face deep in laundry. You're heading downstairs to washing machine, you take a step, you take another step. All of a sudden you slip. Are you hurt? The moaning continues.

Maryanna is hear. So, I heard you took a tumble. What happened? It was about five years it was Christmas day, and I got out of the car, and it was very slippery. My son started to fall. So, I went to grab grab him and then I fell. Where's your hurt? Well, I was knocked out so I don't even remember that part of it but I came to and my brother was trying to get me awake, and then they took me in the house, and I was bruised all down the side of my body and, is a big injury? Yeah.

So, if you had me on speed dial here is what I would have told you. First of all, if you have any of the following symptoms, lose consciousness, which is one headaches vomiting and confusion you got to go see a doctor. So, I would have told you that take care of any emergencies. But, you haven't lost any conscience as we just saw then simple things I prefer [xx], and it was not steroids or ice they worked just fine just for symptom management.

That way we would be panic. A lot of staff that I would tell you will just make you feel more comfortable, you wouldn't be so scared, it won't happen to anything. I think Ben Casion used around this because you don't have to wonder what to do anymore. You can now consult with the doctor 24/7 and well.

First call now part of ask MD on, and it gives you 24/7 access to a licences doctor in you status. Now, take a look at how it works. Go to, and take a simple ask MD assessment. This could help as your doctor as you are about to speak with prepare for your patrol consultations.

Now, once you complete it, you will be given the option to connect to a doctor, then pick the doctor and he schedule the consultation immediately your flo later time. And and once you're connected, you can any health question that you worried about just like this I am know connecting with the doctor on Nwell[sp], her name is doctor lowly[sp?] yeldon[sp?].

Hey doctor yeldon[sp?], let's say some one uses his tool because they've many for let's say 68 hours for finally able keep some pull down what would you recommend? When I teach patients with armor with symptoms like nausea and vomiting, I like recommend hydration. Fluids like water, sports drinks, ginger, and coconut water excellent helps you to replace your potassium.

I would recommend most it's throughout the day and advancing to small blood in health is tolerated. It's best to keep an eye on yourself, and please, please reconnect at any time as you need it. Labda we can keep connected. Let me ask, how long would wait an average for a virtual consultation? In general, we're able to see most patients on in between seven to ten minutes.

Oh! that's fabulous. Thank you doctor. Imagine that in seven to ten minutes you can talk to a doctor about whatever is worrying you, get peace of mind around that or take care of the problem you didn't want. So, today a very special announcement one of you written in months and working hard to accomplish.

Ask MD and Amwel[sp?] are giving away 5,000 free visits for doctor our show of yours, no charge at all. Just go to doctorross[sp?].com, complete the quick ask MD service, and we know what's going on with it, like everything more easy. And you want more to find out anyway, and they could be connected with Amwell[sp?] doctor who can give you face to face real time advice.

Just to to doctorross[sp?].com now for all the details.