Find the doctor of your dreams

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Hey I'm Dr. Vander Wright. Are you looking for a new doctor? Ask these questions to help you find the right one. Is this doctor accepting new patients? Good answer? Yes or possibly or even not right now. You want a busy doc with plenty of patients. Does this doctor work primarily in management? Good answer? No.

She only sees patients or yes but she sees patients at least one day a week. You don't want someone who sees patients only when she can. A chief who is managing the careers of 90 people might have a difficult time making your care a top prority. Which types of patients does the doctor usually see? good answer, descriptions of people who are your age or have similar concerns.

Does the doctor practice alone or with other physicians? Good answer, with other physicians who have equally strong credentials, you don't really want someone who practices alone unless you live in a rural area where that's the norm. Taking the time to find the right doctor is a smart investment in your health care.

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