Are Generic Drugs as Good as Brand-Name Medications?

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Dr. Mike Roizen here with a tip about prescription drugs that will help you stay younger. Generic drugs cost a fraction of the named brand versions and they're very much like the real ones. Here's what you should know about them, they're strictly regulated by the FDA the active drug involves the brand-name version and the generic version must be the same.

How the generic medication is absorbed and how soon it's delivered to where it's needed in your body must be bio equivalent to the brand name drug. They are usually a third of the brand price that's because the manufacturers of generic drugs don't have to earn back the expense of research and development.

When possible choose a generic drug that's made by the same company that makes or made the brand-name drug. However if you're taking a drug that requires very precise dose control, a generic medication's equivalent status may not do the trick for you, this problem is common with thyroid medications.

Bottom line pay attention to how you feel if you don't think the medication is doing what it's supposed to, call your doc for more ways to that being a smart patient can help you stay younger, watch all of our health tips right here.