5 Questions to Ask When Getting a Medical Test

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Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Rousel, has a doc ordered a test for you? You can save yourself some nasty surprises and needless worry by asking your Doctor this question first. One, What does this test measure? Two, why do I need it? And what could happen if I don't have it? Three, how accurate is it? And how often does it return with false positives or false negatives? False positive is when the result shows a problem that I don't have.

A false negative is when the test says there's no problem but you really have one. How has the test performed? This will prepare you for what to expect. And five, when will I get the test results? and if you don't get them, call your doc 7%, do you believe that? 7% of people with abnormal results never here about them.

Discuss what the results mean with your doctor even if they say within normal limits. Getting answers to these questions will help you to be a smarter partner in your care, and we want you to be a smart patient. For more ways to be that smart patient, watch all our health tips right here.