4 Ways to Make Healthcare More Affordable

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden. When money is tight, people often go without important care, from cutting back on prescriptions to skipping cancer screening. That can be physically and financially costly in the long run. You're four ways to stay healthy on a tight budget. Talk to your doctor, ask about a discount for paying cash.

Or whether your doctor will accept the same discounted fees, that medicare and insurance companies pay. Cut drug bills down to size, ask about generic drug alternatives or get a prescription for double strength pills and split them, surprisingly that can sometimes be a cheaper option.

And ask your doctor for fistful of sample packs, take it advantage of free health screens. From skin cancer checks in May to diabetes tests in November, local and national organisations offer free or a low cost screening every month of the year usually as part of health awareness campaigns, check out faith based wellness programs.

You want to lose weight, cut your risk of diabetes and boost heart fitness without paying health club prices, check your house of worship. I'm Dr Kevin Soldun. For more ways to protect your health watch all our smart tips.