What Healthy Snacks Can I Eat to Improve My Mood?

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So, whole grains appear on any crank food diet because whole grain do two things. The carbohydrates boost serotonin your brain and serotonin is your body feel good almost like your body's natural anti-depressant. So, carbohydrates do that but you want it in a whole grain package, and we've popped amaranth grains here.

Whole grains are going to give you more slow burn, sustained energy. Very inexpensive, you can buy in the bulk in resource or last a while, you like that? I have never heard of it before, they're so good. Now, pass that down, come on frank stars. Mitchell and Courtney, where are they cherries, the tart cherries, they're good aren't they.

You like that, make sure your kids as well. I know we have a lot of moms in the show. I need a break for the popcorn say thank you all is it good theredo you like that. And I agree and you can get a little more cake, put some cinnamon right there, chillis if you like, spices you know spices up the antioxidants so super healthy, you can feel really good a fun alternative to popcorn.

We pulled out all the stops on this last item. This is to die for several members of stuff were taken to the hospital after having this, it was so darn good. This is the last time you crank proof diet that not only boosts your mood but also satisfy your sweet tooth. Kate your'e genius.

What is this? I love it. You can't talk about crank proofing your diet without tackling what you eat when you want something sweet. Right? So, this is my decadent chocolate fix that is literally to die for but also boost your mood. And I'm going to have you can I ask you to help me? Yes.

So, that there are three ingredients make sure it's quality, there only three things. Make sure that they're good quality, matual[sp]dates. And then the second thing, have an avocado. Now, trust me the alkyne[sp?] is about to happen before hearing people think, oh! avocado more than 20 vitamins, minerals, antioxidant everyday bite, manueal[sp?] [xx] effect so you look great as well feel great, and then four tablespoons stir cocoa power.

Girls got have chocolate, right.? But also mood boo [xx]. Right, right. So, cocoa gives you this rush dople[sp?] mill[sp?] that fires your brain pressure receptors. Rather than making candy bars, here we go, okay. So, that you put too much cocco in. I tied the hands and made something for you guys.

This is what it should could it come out looking like. And we're going to put the recipe on the website I think, right. We are. This has to be judged, and I want some I want people looking into the face of these, right-eyed, bushy tailed, cranky guests of mine. You're the cranky guy.

Have one, and then you take, there. Is it good? It's really. It's good. Alright. We have made it simple, accessible. You know what makes you cranky, you know what could be possible options. You know all the foods to eat with Kate's diet. We are put on docask.com[sp?] take a look at it. It would change your life for the better and more importantly people who love you anyway will love you even more.

[xx] thank you very much for joining us. Thank you. We'll be right back everybody.