What Foods Can Change My Mood?

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Here is the best news you are going to hear all day, you don't need drugs to improve your mood. There are certain foods, they can fix your feelings. I'm going to reveal my favourite to the game I call mood boosters. Now, here to play are Yvette and Dorothy, you guys ready for battle? Yeah.

Very simple game. Pay attention to rules. You are going to end up matching the food that helps you most in boosting your mood. On the same page? Yeah. Audience cheer them on, are you ready? Alright. Mood number one is sadness. Here's the clue, listen carefully. You have 5 seconds after I read the clue.

This food contains folic acid and has no cholesterol. Ready? Set! Yvette. Folic acid, no cholesterol. [xx] Come on. That's three, two. [xx]. I'll go opposite. Alright, perfect Well, the correct answer for sadness turns out to be asparagus. Is that just a point? So asparagus was the right answer, you get a point.

Dorothy, you have to catch up now. Mood number two is stress, here's your clue, think carefully. This food contains an important vitamin sometimes called ascorbate. six, five. Guys, c'mon. Ascorbate. What has ascorbate? [xx] Broccoli? Broccoli? Ascorbate. Three, two, one. It's a complete opposite.

Ascorbic acid. Dorothy, what has ascorbic acid in it? I was a French major in college, and I. French, I bet that comes in handy now. Yeah. Ascobic acid is vitamin C. Oh! Lemons! Lemons! lemons. See, if you had said vitamin C. If I had said vitamin C, you would have said lemons. Yes. Ok, now this is a very, very big point.

Are you ready? This food comes from a country in South America and is often used in ladies makeup. Six, five, four. I say ladies makeup, everyone gets it. And it's amazing. I saw ladies make up and everyone gets it. Brazil buts is the correct answer, why is it? They have selenium [xx] selenium helps reduce anxiety, it gives you more energy and studies indicate if you don't have enough selenium, it leads to a poor mood partly because it's involved in neural transmitter metabolism.

Now what that means essentially is that Yvette wins. And with, that we wrapped our brains and we decide to give you a collection of all the mood books to your food. I love it, thank you. Dorothy thank you for playing.