Want Better Self-Esteem? Use Social Media

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a simple tip to boost your mood and self esteem. Put your best face forward on social media and watch your mood improve. Yeah, it turns out that Facebook and other social media sites are good for your self esteem, and the more times you spend tweaking your profile the better you feel about yourself.

Recent evidence suggest that adding new photos and status update, announcing what you're up to makes you feel happier about yourself in important ways. You feel better about your look, your relationships, even your romantic appeal. Why? Sites like Facebook let you post a widious comment and best photos from your birthday party.

That encourages upbeat feedback from your friends which makes you feel even better. So go on, update your profile and scribble on Facebook wall. You'll soon feel as good as your profile was. For more ways to live better, check out all our smart tips right here.