Share Your Secrets to Boost Your Health

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Hi, Dr. Miller here with a smart tip for your emotional well being. Share your deepest secrets, it can really give your health a boost. Keeping a secret weighs you down emotionally, even worse it interferes with healthy habits. In a new study people were asked to recall a deep meaningful secret but keep it to themselves.

Afterwards they felt exhausted when asked to think about doing anything physical, heels looks sleeper, roads look longer they didn't feel up to doing a physical favor for a friend such as carrying groceries either. If the secret is weighing down your mind and compromising your health try sharing it with someone who you know will be supportive and keep your secret, maybe even a trained therapist.

Writing it down in your journal can also bring emotional relief. When you do share your secret describe what happens what you think about it and how it makes you feel then let it go and watch our smarts tips for more ways to nature your well being.