How Can Technology Affect My Mood?

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Yes, and in addition I think the other aspect of that is, the effects of information overload. No, I think this is unprecedented in history, and just looking at my own history one of the things that I observe, I feel that time has speeded up enormously. Now I think this is a common experience of growing older and there are various explanations for that. One is that you know each unit of time you live is a smaller and smaller fraction of your whole life, but I was very surprised and alarmed some years ago my daughter was then about 15, and said she had the same experience, and I did not have the experience when I was her age.

I might remember since of childhood that time moved very slowly, summer vacations were endless, and she says she has this experience of Christmas coming around like this, it's Christmas again, and she said all her friends feel this way as well. So I think that from many of us are subjective sense of time has speeded up.

I think that more is happening for you to define and it's all these stuff that [xx] us and that leads me feeling as if there's never enough time, and I really fight to read anymore and I still have lots of time to sit around and read. So I know many other people caught up in this and I think that's one of the consequences of information overload.