How Can I Lift My Mood?

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My show ticket for keeping your mind young forever is boosting your mood. Please welcome Tracey. We're [xx] How are you Tracey? I'm fine Dr. Oz. I [xx] you. How are you? Very, very well, thank you Jenny[sp?]. May I ask you a personal question? Sure. Have you done close to the age where women start experiencing menopause symptoms? Oh, absolutely I see lots of different signs.Are you already having this signs? Oh, yes.

So give me one or two examples. Okay, I get the hot flashes every now and then.You do? Yes, not more cold than hot but I do get them, you knoe the hot flashes and I also when I go to sleep I will go to sleep and then throughout the night I wake up. Yes, you know I don't know why but so many women have difficulties sleeping as they get through the menopausal years and they only associated with hormonal sheers[sp?], and I want to make it clear, if I'm asking if you have menopausal symptoms, you say no, and I find you can't sleep, that's a big issue for me, that pretty worries me a lot.

Also the estrogen levels that fluctuate up and down, they cause anxiety, stress, they drag down the dopamine hormone, that's a feel good hormone, that we need just to feel proud about who we are in life. So you get sort of down, and so of course you don't think so well, so then, pitoran[sp?] the potential solutions and what are the best solutions out there? We get a couple for you.

I've got boosters that everyone can use all the time, have you heard them called Ashwagadha Tea? No. Say it real quick three times. Ashwagandha tea. Ashwagandha tea. Ashwagandha tea. That's pretty good everybody. Now, let me tell you, take the width of this, this is the tea. Oh. What do you think about? What does tjis smell like to you? Is it like horse steel.

No. It smells good. Smells good. Yeah. Well, Ashwagandha literally means the adorable[sp?]horse. That's shrub found in India is a foundation of ayurvedic medicine, it's an adopted unit, it helps your cell survive difficult times like going through menopause happens to be one, and it normalizes your level of quitazol and by doing that things are stressful among down to a lower level so you just knock you out, two cups a day, cheers.

Okay. Sam[sp?] eat something that I really have a lot of pride and sandy[sp?] is a supplement that can help stimulate that feel good hormone that I mentioned earlier. And the last one is folic acid. Now folic acid has a B vitamin. So you can get your folic acid but you've got to pay attention to make sure you get them in your diet.

Now, I'm going to ask you a question. What do you think about this in general? Would you try this? Would you be willing to use them? Yes, absolutely. You would? Huh. Most of the audience members between the menopause you think it would be worth to try it off? Yeah, I think so. Alright.

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