A Smarter Way to Spend Money

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden with your health tip of the day. If you find yourself with a little extra income there is one purchase that is sure to make you happy, buy and experience like a trip to the theater or a relaxing vacation. Research suggests that spending money on an experience will bring you more satisfaction than if you bought material objects.

If you buy material goods like the latest gadget or a new pair of shoes, you are more likely to have a virus remorse, that's because it's easier to compare what you bought to newer, better, or less expensive options. Sometimes you end up unhappy with your choice, material goods also loose their shiny appeal over time.

Experiences on the other hand become a deep part of your long term identity, they remind you of good times, and happy moments with loved ones. Then when you do buy material goods, focus on the experiences that would be attached to. If you buy a new top of the line grill for example, think about the cookouts and fun family barbecue you will have.

You will be more satisfied with it in the long run. For more ways to live better watch all our smart tips right here.