What to Do for a Broken Toe

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright. Is a broken toe slowing you down? Broken toes are more common than you might think, anything from tripping over the doors steps to kicking the tires on a new car can fracture one of your 26 little toe bones. The good news is, you rarely need a cast for a simple toe fracture, unless it's the big toe and then not always.

In fact, body taping is usually all it takes to help your broken toe heal. That just means supporting the injured toe by gently taping it to the one next to it. Place a little gauze or cotton between the toes to prevent blisters. Simple toe fractures take about six weeks to heal. As long as nothing goes all right, if you have problems be sure to see your doctor.

Once your toe is healed, and ready to ease back into shoes, avoid anything snug for about three months because your toe will be tender for a while. I'm Dr. Wright, watch all our health tips right here.