Are Your Feet Growing as You Age?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Wright. Is your shoe size increasing with age? It's not uncommon. Our feet do change considerably as we age, and for women as we have children, feet get both longer and wider. Next time you're shoe shopping let the store clerk measure both with your while you're standing, you may be surprised by your new size.

Aging causes the most problems with the fore foot, including pain and bunions. This makes the width and height of the front of the shoe larger. Even if the clerk measures your foot and brings out that size, if the shoe doesn't fit correctly experiment until you find one that does. Shoe size varies by manufacturer, don't let vanity keep you from getting the right shoe size, your feet could suffer in the long run.

No one has to know what shoes size your wearing these days. For more ways to stay healthy watch all our smart tips.