What's the Best Way to Remove a Splinter?

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The best way to remove a splinter is to clean the area effectively and then use a special splinter remover tweezer. However, many times the splinter may be too deep to get with the tweezer or you may not get the whole thing out. A great home remedy is to use a piece of a well ripened banana skin.

Yes you heard me right, a well ripened banana skin, peel the banana eat it you will get great potassium from eating a banana but take an inch square of the banana peel enough to cover the affected area, say it's in your hand, so you might need a one inch piece put it pop side down on your hand and note the banana is filled with the anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals but also enzymes, that will break down the debris in the splinter and help it rise to the surface and be eliminated.

You can basically put this on, cover with the bandage leave it overnight and the next day should be good to go.