What Should I Do If Someone Is Choking?

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Now you know what to do if someone's choking. Are you going to choke me? I hope not. That's a different show. Alright, so when you're choking if I would have just collapsed right now, you know what to do? I would clear your airway. How would you do it? Okay, come on. If you only remember this, you've got to save their lives.

ABC air No that's ABC. ABC is if they're collapsed and they are unconscious. Okay. The universal sign for choking is the falling. Yeah. Somebody [xx] like you exactly you've got to see how good you are at this. Okay. There you are. And then you've got to button yourself up on either side. Okay.

This is called the heimlich maneuver vest. Because I'm going to teach heimlich maneuver someone is choking because they've got something in their throat you don't start compressing on their chest just up has sadly you got to know how to do it. So I'm going to walk you through it and after I pork you hopefully you will do it to me.

Okay? Okay. So come upfront here, we look like we are well armed. Yeah. Okay, step number one, step forward if you don't mind. Okay. You make a fist, that's the first thing you do then you put that fist around the victim, that's step number two, step number three is you grab that opposite head like this just above the naval their you go, and step number four is you do five abdominal trust [xx] like this.

Alright? Alright as you do it. Okay wait. Step number one make a fish, step number two reach around put the fish right beneath my naval step number three grab here, hold my breast, step number four thrus OK hold on,  You got it well done Alright, now you take your best trough, that was well done that was a heck of a thrust alright now that's the [xx] if you are alone you can push into a table a chair or you can use a quot like this you could do it to yourself if you have to please if you see someone chocking remember how to do the Heimlich and then do it on them.