What Is a Home Remedy for Minor Burns?

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My next remedy comes from my 20-year old daughter Ella Bella, there's a picture of her. She burned herself quite badly recently but it was a simple burn, it wasn't a terrible burn but it was for a lot of her skin and she began using lavender oil. The reason she did that was, in our family we have been using that for small burns for many years.

So if you burn yourself on the stove, again first thing you're going to do is to cool it off with water. We always do that first for about an hour and then you add this lavender oil, got to be 100% oil but the belief is that oil goes on inflammation and for that reason it can accelerate the healing process.

It also takes away some of the discomforts that you have. It costs about $9 a bottle in health-food stores, and I tell you Ella Bella's burn which I was very worried about, completely healed with no issues at all. We grow a lot of seed oil. You grow? Yes. That might work as well? Yes.