How to Prevent Medication Errors and Accidental Overdose

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Hi, Dr. Oz here, with small tips about medication safety. These one is about how you measure out doses of medication, whether it's candy colored cold and flu medicine or a liquid antibiotic. Forget using regular kitchen spoons, there can be a difference of at least one teaspoon between your kitchen tablespoon and a measuring tablespoon.

Now, imagine giving yourself or your kid a whole tea spoon more than your supposed to every 46 hours. These a better alternative that is cheap and easy. Buy couple of plastic liquid medicine droppers or spoons at the drug store, and the keep the new medicine cabin. They usually recommend it for dozing kids, but they also work great for adults.

This droppers and spoons are marked with easy to read common dot teas spoons, table spoons and milliliters, you are twice as likely to measure accurately with these as compared to those kitchen utensils. I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to protect your family's health checkout all of our smart tips.