How Do I Treat My Poison Ivy?

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Our next question comes to us from our station at Fox 7 in Austin Texas, take a look. Hi, Dr. Oz, my name is Brad and I work outside in landscaping and I was wondering if there is anything that's really, really good for poison Ivy because I do get it a lot. Poison Ivy, I get a lot too it's a contact thermotities, it's acquired through touching these little tree leaves plant and once you have that little residue on top of it, the little sticky stuff that's on the leaf touches you, if you don't wash it off within ten minutes or so it will actually cause allergic reaction.

If you get it on your clothes your clothes will then touch your parts of your body or if you put it in your closet then touch it a month later you will still get it. However you can wash it off quickly that works really well. So if you aren't sure especially around your lower legs and your arms get it off your body fast.

If you don't do that in time, you can manage the symptoms hydrocortisone is one of the best ways but it's aggressive. So you could take pills and if you do that you have to usually take it for about a week to get rid of it. Topical support through things like Calamine lotion and antihistamines work and the thing I like a lot is oatmeal baths.

They're sort of fun anyway but oatmeal baths actually soothe the skin, moisturizes it and makes it more tolerable.