Don't Let Summer Heat Kill Your Medications

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz, if you're planning a trip to the desert they get cooler for your medications. Turns out above 86 degrees Fahrenheit, many drugs lose their effectiveness. Their active ingredients become less stable and less potent. So, in a summer plague with heat waves and power outages you want to make sure that your medications stay cool.

Everything from thyroid medication to anti-hystemins, [xx] the birth control pills can fizzle with the summer sizzle. As a rule, drugs should be kept between 68 degrees and 77 degrees. So remember, your medicine with you when you fly, not checking baggage. Never put your medicine in a car trunk.

Above 77 degrees in your house, well it keeps the meds in the cool, not cold case. So away from ice and gel packs and not below 68 degrees. A thermometer can help you maintain the right temperature and replace med to get overheated. So stay cool the summer and keep your medications cool too.

I'm Dr. Oz, check out all our smart tips for more ways to protect your health.