Best Emergency Information to Keep On Hand

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman. Medical emergencies happen especially when you have kids. Dealing with emergencies will be a whole lot easier if you have some basic information on hand. Keep the following information on your refrigerator near your house stone and your seller smart phone each child's name birth date and current weight a list of all medications your children take with dosage and directions, any allergies are medical conditions, your contact information both work and cellphone numbers, your house address and phone number, your pediatrician name and contact information, phone numbers for your preferred hospital and pharmacy.

Contact information for another adult such as a close relative or neighbor. The number for the National Poison Control Center 1800 222-1-222. Having this information at your finger tips can make an emergency a little less frantic and ensure your children get the help they need quickly.

I'm Dr. Altman for more tips to keep your family safe, watch all our health smart videos right here.