What's a Good Food to Incorporate Into Family Meals?

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As far as I'm concerned, the most effective anti-aging tool is food. Every year we learn more about which ones were the best from back to clock, so get your pen and paper because I've rounded up my clock anti-aging super foods of 2011 and Coleen is here to help out. Coleen, welcome to the show.

Thank you. Yes, welcome. When you're looking for food for your family, how do you pick what's likely to be the most beneficial? Well, I have three teenagers and getting them to eat healthy is really, really hard, so I look for things that are good tasting and inexpensive and healthy.

So, just between us, what food you are buying is that you don't think she will tell me about? Chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, but that's just for them. Not for you? Not for you at all? For her. We have three super foods, how about everybody weaving into their meals, you ready to go? Okay.

Okay, the first anti-aging super food for 2011 happens to be one that you can use to manage your weight as well it's called red lentils. How often do you serve lentils to your family? Never. Never? How often do you serve brown lentils to your family? Never. Oh good. You know what lentils look like? I think I have had in soup once or twice, but I've never made anything with lentils.

I'm going to blow your mind about lentils today. Okay. It's fabulous food, here is why I love lentils, first of all, they're loaded with fibre, red lentils are a little bit special, I'm going to get to them in a second, but one cup of lentils in general, is about 18 grams of fibre folks.

That's three quarters of what we recommend every day and the average american gets a triple amount of that three quarters, so it bites itself and gets you where you need to be. Right now it [xx] some protein. For that reason it will make [xx] on. It's got five [xx], so you won't feel full.

It's a great alternative to meats. You can make a lot of dishes with it, and the best part for me is it boosts your energy. Do you remember that adrenaline fit fatigue I was talking about when your adrenal gland shrivels up? You want to get the protein, because your body needs to avoid that? This is a good way to start.

How do I get the kid to get to eat this? You know what? My mom used to make this for me and it was what we had, it was fun, it was cool. This is not like broccoli which I happen to love, but a lot of kids visually don't like because it's. Broccoli. Bitter? They'll eat broccoli? Yes.

If they'll eat broccoli they'll this, because this taste is really got a much whatever else you put in it. The reason why I love red lentils in particular, as opposed to brown lentils, is that red lentils are much faster to cook. Alright, you get their shells are removed, it takes about 6 minutes to make it, as opposed to the half hour sometimes it takes to make brown lentils.

So, I have cooked these red lentils, now notice when you cook red lentils, what color did they turn? They're yellow. Yellow, so don't be fooled by the color, these are still red lentils. Go ahead and give it the taste. See what you think. She has never had red lentils or served it to her kids, and these were just boiled in the water and a little bit of lemon on top.

That's it. What do you think? Oh, you're sopicky. They don't have much taste. Now, Mr. Plenercolley[sp?], if you added anything else to that, it would taste like that, so it's a great food to put around on the boot, I happen to like this I would put a little bit of garlic or some onions.

No. But you can make it any way you wish, but that should be the foundation, you know how much it costs? Three dollars a bag. For a big bag like that? Three bucks a bag. [xx].