What Belongs in Your Medicine Cabinet?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kevin Soden here, with some advice about what over the counter medicines you should have unhanded home, or awhile travelling that might help in an emergency. I recommend these drugs to a basics to get you started. Antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine, commonly known as benadryl.

This is an oral medication that can help tame an allergic reaction, as well as provide relief from upper respiratory cold symptoms. How do you prove it? This nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine can help relieve minor pain and reduce a fever. Aspirin, this is good to use if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke.

It can also help reduce pain and reduce a fever. Check with your doctor though, because Aspirin may cause some bleeding in some people. Hydrocortizone cream, this is good to have on hand to soothe bug bites, rashes and topical allergic reactions like poison [xx]. Those are some of the basics, also check with your doctor for any other items you need to keep on hand for your family's specific health needs.

I'm Dr, Kavidson[sp?], for more ways to protect your health, watch all our health smart tips right here.