Protect Your Noggin With a Bike Helmet

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz here with a safety tip if your family likes to bike together. Make sure everyone has a good fitting bike helmet, and that includes you too mom and dad. Too many riders of all ages skip the helmet and pay the price. Every year 140, 000 kids under the age 14 end up in a hospital for traumatic brain injury because of a bicycle crash, and 91% of all bicyclist killed in 2009 weren't wearing helmets.

Here's what you need be sure your family's helmets meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. Choose brighter colored helmets for better visibility, and look for models with good air vents. They are more comfortable the helmets are, the more likely kids and adults are going to wear them every time they ride.

They come with thick secure straps that are easy to adjust. The inside padding of most helmets is made from crushable extended polystyrene. This absorbs impact really well especially once it meets the pavement or tree trunk, so if you've had an accident it's usually time for a new helmet. And that's a good investment.

I'm Dr. Oz. For more ways to protect your family's health, check out all of our smart tips.