Physical Education Helps Kids Perform Better in School

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Hi, I'm Dr. Tanya Altman, urging you to get your kids moving. Here's a staggering stat, less than 10% of US schools offer daily physical education. About 20% of elementary schools have cut physical education all together. Physical activity can keep kids calm and make them happier and more attentive in the classroom.

Physically fit kids are also more likely to skip risky behavior. Make physical activity a priority for your family with these three tips. First get off the sofa and away from the computer. Active parents have kids who are five to six times more physically active than kids of couch potatoes.

Plan family activities for every season. Walk for 45 minutes after dinner. Take the kids to a swim club twice a week. Go on a weekend hike or have your kids help out with the yard work. Finally, make exercise a community effort. Call teachers, neighbors and parents of kids friends. Plan activities together, and lobby your school board to make physical education a priority for your kid.

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