Is Your Doctor Good Enough for You?

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Hey, Dr. Oz here, with another tip to keep you healthy and young. You know the old saying? Physician heal thy self, well it's true. It's important for your health to find a physician who's in decent physical health themselves. Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that doctors with a normal Body Mass Index or BMI were more likely than chubby doctors to diagnose overweight patients as obese.

Normal weight docs were more likely to give advise to diet and exercise and more likely to help their patient to loose weight. So when considering which doctor is right for you, look for a doc who is in good physical shape and if you`re with their office staff, check their credentials and use social media.

Employers look at Facebook and Twitter to check out the page for employees, you should do the same with your doctors. Does your doctor tweet about health fluids or healthy activities? do they post healthy recipes? For more smart ways to take care of your family, watch all of our health smarts right here.