Is Drinking From the Milk Carton a Health Hazard to My Family?

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Next step are Laura and Paul, they had been married for 26 years, long longer than me. Congratulation dear. So, what is that large [xx]. Paul likes to drink out of the Milk Carton. And you know the worst thing is, he yells the kids doing that, but he does it. Paul, you own up to this. Is this a health hazard or annoying or both? Yeah, I do it.

But, when I do it, I'm thinking about her because if I use cups all the time, that's more wash. What a wonderful guy. What overwhelming. Ladies, raise your hands. How many of you have spouses that do this. Put your hands up. Quite a few out there. Alright, that's funny. He drinks straight from the carton.

Let's see. Is this a health hazard or just annoying. [xx]. Health hazard. Well, if you drink from the carton you get a health hazard for a couple of reason. But most importantly you get a little bit mutations[sp?] saliva into the material that's always happen. We tested this, I can guarantee it happened.

Most fridges are stored to 35 to 38 degrees which is not cold enough to kill the germs that come from your mouth into her milk. And for that reason it's like passing harmful germs in any other way most of your life had that. I guess so. So, Park he is the question will you be civilized to avoid being a health hazard and drink out of a clock, and even though it forces the laws to wash it.

Yes, I will. I promise. Laura, [xx] in New Jersey is giving you a $100 gift certificate. So, you can buy his and her beverages, just to keep yourself separate. Fair enough? Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate.