How to Get a Child to Sleep in His Own Bed

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Hi, Dr. Altman here with some smart advice to encourage your child to sleep in his own bed. First, set aside a few nights in a row where it's okay if you don't get any sleep, maybe a long weekends. Let your child know that you expect him to sleep to sleep all night long in his own bed, give him a special new pillow, blanket, or stuffed animal that he can cuddle to help him sleep all night in his own big boy bed.

When he does get out of bed and he will, take his hand and march him right back to his room. Simply say, at night we sleep in our own bed, tuck him in and leave. the next time he gets out simply say bed, take his hand and march him right back to bed. The third time don't say anything, just take him back to bed.

Continue this routine every time he gets out of bed. The next night, do the same thing. It should only take three or four nights in a row, before you're all sleeping all night long in your own bed. I'm Dr. Altman, for more ways to help everyone in the family to sleep better, watch all of our health smart video.